Tenute Fraccia is a young company but with deep roots.



From four generations on the sunny knolls that next to the Mount Jato (Palermo),
in a zone of ancient tradition for the olive-growing,
the Lo Grasso family produces its own Extra Virgin Olive Oils.




Largely of the secret of the quality of Tenute Fraccia’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils  stays in the attention reserved to the productive processes
that combine the easy and wise country tradition
to most recent and innovative technological acquisitions.




In according to the highest environmental and ethical sustainability criteria
the Company adheres to the organic production regulations,
certified organic supply chains and IGP Sicily production regulations.




The olives, harvested by hand directly from the tree, are cold pressed in few hours from the harvest,
so that the extra vergin olive oil Tenute Fraccia preserve unchanged
all his valuable organoleptic properties.




To taste the Tenute Fraccia’s  Extra Virgin Olive Oils means to rediscover those ancient and genuine tastes
that remember the generous land of Sicily
that makes the olive oil the King of the mediterranean food culture.

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